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Our International Travel Division specializes in services for groups and individual travelers coming to Asia from overseas.
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IMCAT ASIA Real-Estate 


Welcome to IMCAT ASIA Real-Estate department

Established in 2006,  IMCAT ASIA is well-placed to ensure a smooth and stress-free adjustment to life and work in Asia en Europe.

Our primary aim is to provide complete, personalized and professional relocation services to individuals and families relocating to Asia or Europe.


Our multi-lingual consultants have lived in the country for a number of years and can offer invaluable support and information to new arrivals.

Our comprehensive services are designed to assist in every aspect of the relocation process and are tailor-made to meet your particular needs:

Our Destination Services are designed to provide as much help as possible to new arrivals to Asia and Europe.
The programs can be tailored to meet your particular needs. Certain elements of the programs can also be provided independently such as the Home Search Service.


Preview Tripimcat2

The Preview Trip is designed to provide an overview of living in Asia or Europe, prior to your relocation.
The Preview Trip is tailor-made to meet your needs and typically includes the following:

* Comprehensive Information Pack;
* Temporary Accommodation and airport transfer;
* General Area Tour;
* Housing Overview;
* School Overview;
* Medical and Healthcare Information;
* Shopping information;
* Entertainment and Social Activity information;
* Customs and Culture (information and activities);
* Information on children’s activities.


Settling-In Programme

The Settling-In Programme is designed to provide assistance and support prior to and upon arrival and throughout the duration of your assignment.
A typical Settling-In Programme will include the following:

  • Pre-move contact and support;train3
  • Needs analysis;
  • Information Pack;
  • Temporary accommodation assistance and airport transfer;
  • Pet clearance assistance;
  • In-depth area tour;
  • School assistance;
  • Home search and lease negotiation;
  • Customs and culture;
  • Car rental and driver’s license assistance;
  • Furniture purchase assistance;
  • Home insurance assistance;
  • Personal care;
  • Ongoing support throughout the assignment.


Home Search and Lease Negotiation

We recognize that finding and settling into a new home is one of the most important considerations when relocating to a new country. Our experienced consultants provide advice prior to arrival and prepare a selection of suitable, quality housing to view. We negotiate leases on your behalf, conduct comprehensive inspections, assist in arranging related domestic services and provide ongoing support throughout the tenancy. We have established strong relationships with local property owners, providing us with access to an extensive database of the best properties at the best prices.

Moving Out Service

Our Moving Out Service is designed to provide assistance at the end of a lease term or assignment. Whether you are moving within or from Asia or Europe, we offer assistance in obtaining a fair assessment of damages to rental property and coordinate the refund of security and utility deposits. This service includes the following elements:

  • Review of original inventory and property condition report;imcat3
  • Inventory check;
  • Property inspection;
  • Arranging of utility disconnection and return of deposits;
  • Arrange estimate of cost of damages;
  • Negotiate and coordinate the return of security deposit.


Documentation Assistance

We can take care of all the small details of a transfer, providing fast and efficient service.
With considerable experience and access to local information, we are able to successfully deal with time-consuming documentation such as:

  • Car rentals or purchases
  • Driving license applications;
  • Pet import licenses;
  • School registrations;
  • Club memberships;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Housing rental contracts;
  • Medical registrations;
  • Embassy registrations.


Cross-Cultural Training

Adjusting to a new culture can be a difficult and complex process. Our Cross-Cultural Training programs help new arrivals feel at home in their new surroundings and become immediately effective in the workplace.

The programs equip participants with the skills necessary to deal with cultural differences in both social and work situations and can be tailor-made to suit your particular requirements.


Additional Services 

In addition to the above programs, we offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Office Search – We provide assistance in locating serviced and non-serviced office space for a setup operation or organization moving locally. Assistance can also be provided in obtaining suitable office insurance;
  • Immigration – We can provide information and assist in obtaining relevant visas and work permits;
  • Language Training Assistance – we can provide recommendations on suitable Thai language training courses and assist in arranging lessons;
  • Domestic Assistance – We can assist in sourcing suitable maids, drivers and nannies and provide advice on interviewing and recruiting.