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We increase the effect of our training activities through supervision and consultancy.

Examples of IMCAT ASIA Universal consultancy activities include: organisational development programs, competency management; Personal Development Plans, translating problems into (training) solutions, text quality programs, management development programs, strategic education, team development and commercial development.

Our business management consultants provide totally independent services, tailor-made to the needs of our customers.
Although we work very closely with third parties, our consultancy services are impartial, geared solely to the needs of our customers without commercial compromise.

IMCAT  ASIA  business management consultants can call upon a wide range of specialist back-up services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

For further information, please contact Rob Doeven IMCAT ASIA at:


Business results of your hotel are not as you have expected?

IMCAT ASIA can provide a systematic analysis of the critical operational points and suggest the optimal measures for the improvement of the hotel’s operations.
IMCAT ASIA team provides professional training’s for the staff in all departments and specialized training programs for the management team.
IMCAT ASIA can offer analysis and implementation of the appropriate distribution system in order to improve sales.
Marketing strategy development, implementation of the quality control system and other methods are only some of the options that will create the necessary conditions for a successful business operation.
Worldwide professionals; 1* to 5* star properties

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